Jason David Frank still wants to fight CM Punk, work with WWE

In a recent interview, the actor who played Tommy Oliver (aka the Green Ranger, aka the White Ranger) in the '90s television program Mighty Morphin Power Rangers doubled-down on his challenge to fight CM Punk (aka Phil Brooks) in the UFC.

Frank has been calling out Punk since before his dramatic loss to Micky Gall at UFC 203 last September. With Punk now "feverishly" looking for another fight in UFC, Frank is once again publicly challenging him.

"If Punk fights again, everybody at the banks, everyone in the UFC wants me to fight him," Frank said. "So if he fights again, that is definitely something I would like to do."

"I never thought he’d sign with UFC," Frank added. "I picked him because I like the guy, he’s got a huge fan base and he wants to fight. I don’t want to pick a fight with someone to convince them to fight, he actually wants to fight, so I said, hey that’s perfect."

Beyond being a well-known actor, Frank is a skilled martial artist with a black belt in karate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has 1-0 professional MMA record and a 4-0 amateur record, with all of those fights taking place in 2010.

In addition to challenging Punk, Frank also stated that he would like to work with WWE.

"Man, I got a chance to visit some of the WWE guys and looking backstage it’s much like the UFC," Frank said. "I’m not talking about the fighting but the energy that everybody puts into the show. So one way or another I would like to get involved with WWE or UFC to please the fans. To me, I’ve been fighting my whole entire life, I can do it tomorrow if they’d like. I love it, it just has to make sense why we’re doing it."

A partial clip of the interview is below:

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