Legal CT cannabis will die in committee

Despite being favored by a majority of Connecticut residents for years, recreational marijuana will most likely remain illegal in Connecticut. Reports are now coming in that there is simply not enough support among Judiciary Committee members.

According to the Hartford Courant, Rep. William Tong (D-147) has said, "It's clear at this point that there isn't support on the committee for it. It's not an open question. It's not ambiguous.''

This news comes after a recent public hearing on legalizing cannabis in Connecticut. Despite support coming even from Republican Rep. Melissa Ziobron -- who is not on the Judiciary Committee -- there are apparently too few pro-legalization committee members to move the bill forward.

Truth be told, it was obvious at various points during last month's public hearing that numerous Judiciary Committee members were not in favor of recreational marijuana.

In particular, following a lengthy pro-legalization testimony from Joseph LaChance, Ranking Member Rep. Rosa Rebimbas (R-70) grilled LaChance about his knowledge of Colorado. Rebimbas said that her questions were due to the fact that LaChance "mentioned Colorado at least twice during [his] testimony." Rebimbas asked LaChance numerous questions about Colorado's black market and even if he knew what year marijuana was legalized in Colorado.

Regardless of the Judiciary Committee's decision, efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in the Nutmeg State were likely doomed from the start. This is because Connecticut's Democratic Governor, Dannel Malloy, is a staunch opponent of legal cannabis.

A full list of Connecticut Judiciary Committee members can be found HERE.

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