The Art of the Swerve: A Trump Guide to Conspiracy Theory & Pro Wrestling

December 2, 2015 was one of the most bizarre days in American political history. With little warning, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump, appeared on The Alex Jones Show.

Over the 20 years prior, Alex Jones had become the nation's forefront conspiracy theorist. Spreading his message via a radio program, as well as the websites and, Jones famously confronted George W. Bush, exposed the Bohemian Grove Club, claimed that 9/11 was a "false flag" operation, freaked out on Piers Morgan's show, freaked out on British television, and claimed that frogs were being turned gay, among many, many, many other things.

As such, it was more than a little unusual that Trump, a New York billionaire and front-runner for the Republican nomination, would be so welcomed by a man who believed that a cabal of globalists were secretly taking over the planet.

For Jones, however, Trump was not part of this Illuminati. Trump was a real outsider, a secret John Bircher who had fooled the neoconservative/neoliberal establishment. And that is why Trump "came to" him. This was the savior who would restore the Republic!

Certainly Trump was never a typical politician. To the contrary, Trump was a lot like his billionaire friend, professional wrestling mogul Vincent K. McMahon, who found wealth at roughly the same time as Trump in the 1980s.

Beyond hosting early WrestleMania events, Donald Trump also famously participated in a professional wrestling storylines in 2007 and 2009 and was later even inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame.

For many, it seemed like Donald Trump was a real man of the people. He wasn't like the elite.

Just looked at the way he called them out: He didn't just feud with the Obamas and the Clintons -- he also feuded with the Bush Family.

Hell, there was even talk of him abandoning the GOP and running as an independent:

Sure , there remained a couple of anti-Trump conspiracies. Many of these were based around the fact that Trump had been friends with the Clintons in years past, and the Washington Post report that Bill Clinton called Trump before Trump announced his campaign -- a claim later bolstered by the leaked "pied piper" email.

But as the media started running with Russian hacking allegations in June of 2016, this seemed only to lend credence to pro-Trump conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. After all, why would the globalist New World Order (not to be confused with the professional wrestling stable of the same name), accuse Trump of being a Russian if he weren't truly their enemy?

And so the election came down to one of conspiracy theories: Either Trump was Putin's "Manchurian Candidate" or Trump was the last hope to defeat the Satanic, child-raping globalists.

Even one of Trump's last campaign commercials had heavy conspiracy theorist overtones:

How much of an effect these conspiracy theories had on the outcome of the election is debatable. In the end, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump became president by winning the electoral college.

Alex Jones celebrated Trump's vitctory and "the restoration of the Republic," as did Trump's AltRight supporters who fondly referred to Trump as the "God Emperor" on platforms like the subreddit The_Donald.

Only a few conspiracy theorists still questioned whether or not Donald Trump actually be a pawn of the globalist agenda. One of the few who did actually did so by pondering if Trump might be "swerving" his supporters -- a kayfabe professional wrestling term for making the audience buy into one storyline and then unexpectedly changing some key dynamic.

But how could that happen? Over the following months, RussiaGate ramped up as PizzaGate died down. The mainstream media, Democrats and partisan progressive news outlets were still saying an investigation was needed to see if Trump had any ties to Russia -- despite Julian Assange saying repeatedly that WikiLeaks did not get help from the Russians. At it's extreme, some were pushing a new conspiracy theory that Putin had sexual blackmail on Trump.

Meanwhile, the resignation of Michael Flynn and announcement that Trump was under investigation added fuel to the fire. Then Trump claimed that the Obama Administration had wiretapped Trump Tower. And on and on it went: Rachel Maddow suggesting Trump might be working for Putin and Tucker Carlson asking for proof of Russian interference.

Few took the time to wonder if it might be a "work" -- another kayfabe professional wrestling term for a fictional storyline. One exception was Politico, who asked a few weeks back, "What if Donald Trump Played the Kremlin?" As Marc Bennetts wrote:

Consider the possibility that Trump misled the Kremlin with vaguely positive statements on issues crucial to Russia, such as lifting economic sanctions and recognizing Crimea, with no intention of following through. In the process, he would have gained, without overtly asking for it, assistance in his White House bid, in the form of cyberattacks and fake news.

Meanwhile, some on the far left began indulging in Jones-esque conspiracy theories.

Noam Chomsky, for example, suggested that Trump might stage a "false flag" attack to gain domestic support -- which, quite ironically, enraged Alex Jones.

Then came the chemical weapon attack in Syria this week. Some wondered out loud if that could have been a "false flag" -- including former Congressman Ron Paul.

Finally, last night, everything took a new shape. While Trump was hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Largo, he ordered the US military to fire Tomahawk missiles at the al-Shayrat airbase. Russia cried could while the corporate news media celebrated.

While Alex Jones continued to defend Trump, his apprentice Paul Joseph Watson backed away. There were even people renouncing their Trump-love on The_Donald.

But most Trumpers will continue to back him, even if it means war with Russia. After all, He is the God Emperor and can never be wrong -- even if what he says today directly contradict what he's been saying for years.

Meanwhile, liberals have been being conditioned for nearly a year to despise Russia. The anti-war left has widely been overtaken by the anti-Russia left. What might it take to convince these folks that Trump is not really Putin's pawn? Direct military engagement?

The space for sanity has shrunk dramatically and all we have left are possible storylines:

Is Donald Trump really just a puppet of the same neoliberal / neoconservative globalists who control Hillary Clinton? After all, Clinton did call for an attack just hours before it happened.

Or are Trump and Putin playing up phony hostilities in order to eliminate their domestic criticism? After all, Putin was just facing a backlash in his own country and the Kremlin did say that support for Syria was not unconditional just hours before the attack happened.

In the land of #fakenews, its hard to know what is a work and what is a shoot. Everyone plays smart, yet we are all really just marks. The geopolitical drama unfolds before our eyes, and regardless of whether we cheer for the heels or faces, someone is still making a buck.

In the end, there are only two things that we can be sure of:

1. Alex Jones is stressed out.


2. Donald Trump deserves his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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