Royce Gracie open to fighting anyone... except maybe Ken Shamrock

On his recent appearance on PRIMO NUTMEG, Royce Gracie indicated that he was open to fighting pretty much anyone... with the possible exception of Ken Shamrock.

Towards the end of the interview, the three-time UFC tournament winner and UFC submissions record-holder (11), was asked about where his fighting career stands currently.

When asked about last year's fight with Shamrock and the possibility of fighting him again, Gracie responded:

"There's no reason to fight [Shamrock] again. The strategy was perfect. We timed everything. Everything was a perfect strategy, delivered just like we trained."

When asked about other opponents or the possibility of retirement, Gracie answered:

"I've been trying to retire for the past 10 years. There's a list of guys that want to fight me. So, I don't pick opponents, never did. It's up to the promoter. Promoter calls me up. Just tell me when to show up and I'll be there. They don't even have to tell me who is there."

When asked about a rematch with Matt Hughes, Gracie responded:

"I never pick an opponent. To me it doesn't matter. [I've] fought guys twice my size. Six-foot-eight, 490 lbs. Manager calls me. Okay! Just tell me when. I'll be there. It doesn't matter. I don't pick opponents. They pick me. When you're on top, man, you don't pick. You get picked."

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