Jason David Frank suggests quick victory over CM Punk

It's no secret that Jason David Frank really wants to step into the octagon with CM Punk. As recently as last February, the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star was saying that he both wants to fight CM Punk in UFC and also work with WWE.

Last weekend, during a fan Q&A session at ComiCONN from Foxwoods Resort & Casino, the former Green Ranger was once again asked by a fan on how he would defeat WWE-Champion-turned-mixed-martial-artist CM Punk.

JDF responded jokingly at first:

"How? He won't spark. Cause on Power Rangers I make things spark. He won't grow into a big monster. Nobody will be, 'Make my CM Punk grow!' So that's not gonna happen. I won't have the dragon dagger. It will just be old fashioned. Old fashioned."

Taking a more serious tone, Frank then said:

"I can't promise that it's gonna go any longer than 30 seconds. But, if it does happen, I just want to be clear: I love CM Punk. He's a great guy. There's no issues at all. This is just the fight world. And if people are like, 'Leave it alone,' then tell McGreggor and Mayweather to leave each other alone then too. Go talk to them."

Frank concluded his remarks by saying:

"I haven't really thought about it, but right-kick upside the head knockout within 28 seconds."

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