Marvel legend Jim Steranko says he has over 100 upcoming projects

During the late 1960s, writer and illustrator Jim Steranko revolutionized the comic book industry by introducing a surreal, pop art style. Through his work on "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD" in Marvel Comics' Strange Tales, Uncanny X-Men, Captain America and later Superman -- as well as covers for Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and others -- Steranko made a lasting impact that is still being felt today.

More amazingly, it seems as though Steranko -- whose work has been featured in the Louvre and the Smithsonian -- is not quite done making an impact on the comic book world.

Last weekend, speaking with PRIMO NUTMEG during an interview at ComiCONN in Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Steranko was asked whether or not he regretted not being able to work on any projects. Steranko's response was as follows:

"Yeah, I'm glad you asked me that question. Because over a period of 30-40 years, I have developed over 100 characters which I keep in my theater of concepts. And I'm hoping one-by-one, at this point, to bring them to life in comic books, TV and digital games and maybe in film.

"Keep an eye out for 'em, and we get to that point you [PRIMO NUTMEG] get the first interview."

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