Ken Shamrock weighs in on McGregor vs. Mayweather

During a recent interview on the 100th episode of the PRIMO NUTMEG podcast, UFC Hall of Fame inductee Ken Shamrock confronted many familiar subjects, including wanting another rematch against Royce Gracie and returning to WWE for a big match against Brock Lesnar.

But Shamrock discussed more than just his own career during the interview. He also gave his thoughts on the upcoming pay-per-view boxing match between former boxing welterweight champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor:

"I think it's good for the fight world. It's given people a reason to complain or to be excited. As long as people are all talking, then you've got something."

Overall, Shamrock was optimistic about Mayweather's chances:

"I think it's good for Mayweather. He's got a fight that I think that he can't lose, as far as judge-wise, getting his hand raised. I think that he has a pretty good chance of winning and really not having to put too much effort into doing so."

Shamrock also made clear that he thinks the sport of boxing has nothing to gain from the McGregor / Mayweather fight:

"I think it's bad for boxing because it doesn't do anything for them. You're basically taking a guy like Conor McGregor, who's never really been into boxing, and you're gonna throw him in there with the world champion. Now, if Conor McGregor puts up a fight at all, then boxing is going to look bad.

"You have one of the best ever stepping into the ring and he should dominate [McGregor]. But that's not Floyd Mayweather's style. He doesn't dominate guys. He basically beats them into submission by hitting them so many times that they don't know where the next punch is coming from. It's not like it's going to knock him out or anything like that. It's just going to frustrate him, it's going to bruise him up. It's going to get him angry, it's going to get him confused. And he's gonna make him look off-balance the whole time.

"I think that it's not good for boxing. I think it's good for Mayweather. He's gonna make a lot of money. He doesn't need to put much effort into it. He's gonna get a win in his column no matter what.

"I think it's great for Conor McGregor because he has nothing, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And I think it's good for the UFC because it's drawing a much bigger spectator from boxing into the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the no-holds-barred or the MMA world. So it really doesn't make sense to me why they would put the reputation of boxing on the line."

Shamrock then took issue with calling Conor McGregor "the greatest" UFC fighter ever:

"I think that's a little premature. I think Conor McGregor is a great fighter and I think he's the best in his weight division right now. And I think he's arguably he's on the Hall of Fame ballot. No question. But he got knocked out by Diaz."

By contrast, he emphasized that there is no doubt that Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time:

"We're talking about Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. The greatest ever. And it speaks for itself by his record. Whether you like him or you hate him, it doesn't matter. He's undefeated. That doesn't happen in boxing. He's undefeated. He's the best, right?

"So, you look at that and you look at putting a guy like McGregor, who people can make arguments about whether he's the greatest or not. There's an argument there. Because, you know, he lost. So there's an argument there. There's no argument about Floyd Mayweather. He's undefeated.

"So, you have a guy who's probably gonna be in the Hall of Fame ballot, a UFC guy up there with some of the greatest -- not the greatest, but up there with some of the greatest -- and he's gonna fight a guy that is the greatest in boxing. And if [Mayweather] doesn't knock out Conor McGregor in the first five rounds, or the first half of the fight, then boxing loses. They can't win this. And that's why it doesn't make any sense to me as to why boxing would allow this to happen."

Shamrock concluded his thoughts by saying:

"The only way McGregor loses is if he gets knocked out in the first couple rounds. Then it's not even like he really loses, it just brings up boxing higher. It's not like it's the end of him. But if he goes the distance, or he goes deep into the fight, boxing is gonna be hard to recover from that."

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