Dan Jurgens explains frequency of comic reboots

In the world of comics, Dan Jurgens needs no introductions. Over the course of the past 35 years, Jurgens has worked on some of the biggest comic franchises DC and Marvel have to offer -- including working on the historic Death and Return of Superman storyline.

During an interview on PRIMO NUTMEG #106, Jurgens covered many topics, including some profound insight into Superman's essential elements. In addition to all of this Jurgens also offered his opinions on why Crisis-level reboots have become so commonplace in comic books.

Overall, Jurgens stated that "the reasons are as different as the projects themselves." For example, Infinite Crisis allowed DC writers to "take a look at the fun of the multiverse."

In terms of other reboots, Jurgens explained:

"When DC did the weekly series 52, by the end of that time, we were opened up to the idea of that there are 52 other universes out there. Which as, once again, we felt like we needed a punch in the arm. So 2011 comes along and we do this New 52 effort, which again reshapes and re-imagines the entire universe to the point where last year, in 2016 -- five years later -- we did rebirth and that's still part of what we're involved with now.

"I think part of the reason you're getting more of these more frequently is because the attention span in the marketplace is shorter than it used to be. You see everybody talk about that. You look at pro-sports, for example, right now -- whether its the NFL, Major League Baseball or basketball -- they're all looking at, 'How do we speed up our games? How do we make them all be not be interminably boring? How do we refresh our product?' is really what it comes down to.

"How many times has the Spider-Man movie franchise, in just a couple of years, been dusted off and reframed? It is, I think, more and more common in pop culture across the board to do this kind of thing. And comics are just another exhibit as to why that is being done. It's just another idea that is happening in TV, it's happening in movies, it's happening everywhere else and comics are not exempt from that."

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