NFL Star: RussiaGate is "a huge distraction"

Justin Jackson is a running back for the Los Angeles Chargers as well as the leading rusher in Northwestern University history.

Additionally, Jackson also has strong political opinions on a wide variety of issues.

For that reason, during his appearance on PRIMO NUTMEG #179, Jackson discussed everything from his rookie year in the NFL and getting roasted by Jimmy Fallon, and from police brutality to 2020 presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel.

Jackson also shared his thoughts on alleged Russian interference in American elections:

"You ask any regular person on the street who's not privileged enough to think Russia is the biggest threat we have, and not that Flint doesn't have clean water or that most people can't afford a $1,000 emergency or that they can't afford their prescription pills or anything like that, that makes my bullshit detector go way high. Way high," Jackson said.

Jackson went on to explain that he considers RussiaGate to be "a huge distraction" from real issues that most Americans face.

He added that the hysteria around alleged Russian interference only makes Russia seem stronger than it actually is, and that it risks escalating tensions towards the point of nuclear war.

"They want to push us to the brink to help the military-industrial complex get more contracts, more nukes, more this, more that, and it's just a huge farce, and it's a waste of time, it's waste of money," Jackson said.

"Whenever I think someone's talking about that or really worried about that I automatically think that they're privileged enough to think that that's the biggest issue that we actually have in this country.

"People that are privileged enough to think that really think that all of the problems that we have in this country are forced by a foreign country? That makes no sense.

"We've been doing all of this to ourselves. I think that we have to fix all of these issues within our country before we start looking outwards towards Russia as a scapegoat away from how our democratically-elected representatives have failed us time and time again for decades now," Jackson said.

Below is the full interview:

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