Mike Gravel: I'd probably vote Present like Tulsi

During his recent appearance on PRIMO NUTMEG #207, former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel explained that, if he was still in the United States Senate today, he would also vote "Present" on impeachment, just as Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard did in the House of Representatives.

"It's a slim situation where we only have two articles of impeachment, when there's a whole host of infractions against the Constitution by Donald Trump," Gravel said. "To rush to judgment for a political calculus time-wise, I think is a mistake."

Furthermore, Gravel specifically heaped praise on Gabbard's logic:

"Tulsi thought what we should do is censure the President at this point in time. It wouldn't tie us up in an impeachment situation, but it would damage him as he goes into a re-election campaign," Gravel said."

Gabbard had received hostility from her own party last month by voting present, which caused fellow Democrats and figures in the corporate media to spread the #CowardTulsi hashtag on Twitter.

This followed a feud in October between Gabbard and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton where Clinton referred to Gabbard as a "Russian asset" and Gabbard referred to Clinton as the "Queen of Warmongers."

Gabbard's supporters, meanwhile, defended her position as not needlessly dividing the country and pushing disillusioned Trump voters back into the President's camp during an election year.

While Donald Trump has become the third President to be impeached -- along with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton -- he is also likely to become the third to be acquitted of charges in the Senate.

Last August, Mike Gravel endorsed both Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders for President in 2020, stating that he wants either a Gabbard / Sanders ticket or a Sanders / Gabbard ticket.

Sanders is expected to vote in favor of Trump's removal from office in the US Senate.