Can Jesse Ventura save the Green Party?

Following the recent announcement that Jesse Ventura will be writing his name in for President of the United States this November -- as well as frustration over alleged corruption in the Party in favor of the controversial Howie Hawkins -- Greens from across the US are now rallying behind former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura to be the Party's 2020 Presidential nominee. On the most recent edition of PRIMO NUTMEG, People for Jesse Press Secretary Richard Idriss discussed the efforts to draft Jesse Ventura to run for President, the internal struggles within the Green Party, the #CleanTheGreens movement, and the multiple reasons why Howie Hawkins should be disqualified from seeking the Green Party nomination.

The People for Jesse website describes itself as follows:

We’re a grassroots movement, we’re an uprising. We’re your friends and neighbors.

We have had enough of the media, Democrats and Republicans manipulating us –always selling us short. Manufactured, lifetime politicians have failed us once too often. We face a time filled with unprecedented environmental and medical crises, and we have a government unwilling and unprepared to handle it.

It’s time for a political revolution, and we’re drafting Jesse to help lead us to victory.

The organization is currently circulating a petition with nearly 9,000 signatures to encourage the Green Party to nominate Ventura at its online nominating convention on July 11.

Despite the fact that Ventura has expressed some frustration regarding Green Party officials questioning if he was "one of them," he nevertheless has recently expressed frequent support for the third party.

While Ventura has hinted at runs in the past, the frustration over not just Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but also what is perceived as a cliquish and corrupt Green Party establishment might be the perfect storm to allow Ventura to not just win the Green Party nomination next month -- but perhaps even the Presidency this November.

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