George Galloway lambastes Howie Hawkins, endorses Jesse Ventura

In a new interview recorded on Friday, former British Member of Parliament George Galloway ridiculed Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins and publicly urged Greens to nominate former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

"But I'm appealing to people in the Green Party in the United States to have some political sense," Galloway said. "Look, I speak as a six-times-elected British Member of Parliament, twice as an independent, which is not an easy thing to do here in Britain, least of all twice; that's why I'm the only person ever to have done it, twice. I've been interviewing politicians for decades. I'm here to tell you Howie Hawkins is not it. He's not what you need.

"If you want to make an impact in this race -- and the whole world is hoping that you can, because the choice between the Republican and the Democrat nominees is so repugnant -- then you'll be doing yourselves and you'll be doing the whole world a favor if you look again at Governor Jesse Ventura."

Galloway went on to make clear that he was endorsing Ventura for the Green Party nomination and the Presidency:

"I wholeheartedly endorse Gov. Jesse Ventura," Galloway said. "I know him well. I've worked with him in television. I have spent hours talking with him. I know his son, who is a colleague of mine at RT America. He is an outstanding figure. An interesting figure.

"You know, you've got to be interesting if you're going to make it as an independent, as a third-party, third-force candidate. If you're not interesting, you might as well not turn up. There's no point in being worthy but dull, if indeed Mr. Hawkins even is worthy," Galloway said.

Galloway further explained, in great detail, why Greens would be making a massive mistake in nominating Howie Hawkins. In particular, Galloway took offense to several controversial statements that Hawkins made in May 2019.

"If you are ambivalent, at best, towards the great role that Julian Assange has played in revealing war crimes and so on, well that tells me a lot about you," Galloway said. "If you are ambivalent as to which side you are on between the head-chopping throat-cutters of al Qaeda and the secular Arab republic in Syria trying to defeat them, then that tells me a lot about you. And if you are rubbishing Dr. Stein -- one of the finest political figures I've met from the United States -- effectively calling her a Russian stooge or worse than a stooge, then you have to presume that I'm going to question you toughly."

Galloway also addressed the complaint by some Greens that, while Hawkins may be flawed, he still calls himself an ecosocialist whereas Ventura has not typically identified as a socialist.

"When I analyze the potential program for the Presidency that Gov. Ventura brings, it sounds electrifyingly progressive to me," Galloway said. "Whether he calls himself a socialist or not, the things he's demanding are socialist things."

Galloway further explained that Ventura would generate wide support for such programs whereas "little Howie, with his little red flag, I promise you will attract no attention at all."

While Ventura continues stating publicly that he is not running for President, he also has made statements that he is writing his own name in for President in November.

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