"Jimmy Dore Uncensored" was Censored

Well, the bastards did it again. Which is predictable in the current environment. But that doesn't make it any less painful.

As I explained in my last screed, YouTube has it out for my channel. In addition to the years of demonetizations, view-throttling, unsubscribing, hiding my videos, and not notifying my subscribers about new uploads, this past December they decided to officially start removing content from my channel.

First was my interview with Cynthia McKinney, which prompted my first warning. According to YouTube, the former Democratic Congresswoman's response to a patron question violated their policy regarding "misinformation" surrounding the 2020 election.

Then, in what I can only interpret as an effort to send a strong message, days later I received a strike for "cyberbullying" on a video reviewing Trump's 2018 State of the Union -- yes, a video that was four years old!

Following that strike, I was unable to post on YouTube for one week. Also, if my channel received two more strikes within a 90 day period, it would be deleted. In order to help ride out that 90 days, I barely posted anything in February -- it also helped that my goddamn upstairs bathroom started dumping buckets of water into my kitchen and the bumbling con men who "fixed" it for me soon had water shooting out of my lightbulbs... but that is another story.

In any case, I knew that my days on YouTube were effectively numbered. Once these evil weasels start doing these kinds of strikes, even if you tease it out for a while, you are absolutely marked for an eventual deletion. We saw things play out even more rapidly for Lee Camp, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges and many others during the latest wave of NeoMcCarthyism.

In response to all of this, I started a Rumble channel. I also launched a Rokfin channel, and made an agreement with Rokfin to create a new weekly interview show called Uncensored.

The idea behind Uncensored -- if it's not obvious -- was to have a show for Premium members that would be immune to the kind of Kafkaesque Orwellianism that has become common on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The guest on my very first episode was former CIA officer Ray McGovern. Then, for my second act, I invited on Jimmy Dore.

One concern when I launched Uncensored was making sure that my patrons had free access to the patron Q&A segment of the show. Something I've offered to my Patreon patrons for years now is the ability to submit questions to all of my guests. I didn't want this to be different for Uncensored, so I received permission from Rokfin to post the patron questions on YouTube and other platforms.

As could be expected, the clip of Jimmy Dore taking patron questions did fairly well on YouTube, earning roughly 25,000 views in less than a week.

And that's when it happened.

At 3:14 am on April 13th, I received this email from YouTube:

As in the case of my earlier warning and strike, I submitted an appeal. I soon received this response:

As such, I am once again in the middle of a YouTube suspension. I am unable to post or stream for one week. And if I get two more strikes before mid-July, my channel will be deleted.

On the one hand, I feel bad complaining about this given how censorship is running amok at the moment. It seems daily people are losing YouTube channels, podcasts, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that they spent years building. Zap. Gone. Into the abyss. As though none of it ever happened.

Indeed, this is the reason so many people are currently cheering on the idea of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter. Sure, he is the 0.000001%, but he's the free speech 0.000001%.

But, on the other hand, it just really sucks when these sniveling jackaninnies do this to you.

I started my channel -- once upon a time known as Primo Nutmeg -- back in August 2015. The very first episode was my friends and I reviewing the first debate of the 2016 presidential election, the Fox News debate where Trump was belittling everyone on stage as well as the moderators.

Since that time six-and-a-half years ago, I grew the channel to over 31,000 subscribers -- even in the face of ridiculous censorship.

I interviewed all kinds of amazing guests, including Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, Richard Wolff, and Matt Taibbi.

I did an episode crossing the United States during the 2016 World Series, attending both a Trump rally and a Clinton rally within a matter of hours.

I did one where I met Vermin Supreme at a boat launch at midnight.

I filmed the riots during Trump's inauguration.

I attended Comic Cons and political conventions and protests.

I exposed the rigging of the Green Party's nomination in 2020 and the fact some teenagers used Mike Gravel's name to create their own "Institute."

I had a very weird conversation with the guy who did the voice of Roger Rabbit.

What right do they have to erase all of that? They didn't make it. Sure, they gave me a place to put all of that. But I'd argue YouTube has done more to hide my channel and disincentivize me from working on it than they helped me grow it.

Well, fuck it. The goose may not be cooked, but his neck is broken. Whether YouTube erases my channel today, or next week, or in June, or on Christmas Eve, it doesn't really matter. The point is my YouTube channel is something that simply doesn't fit in on the "acceptable" Internet of the 2020s.

But here's the thing: I'm not alone. Ever day dissident voices across the political spectrum are being deplatformed. And millions of other normal people are being censored on Facebook and Twitter for things that aren't even controversial -- just inconvenient for the political establishment in Washington, Ottawa, London, and Brussels.

What these privileged morons don't seem to grasp is that they can't just keep reducing the range of acceptable thought forever. Eventually there will be a breaking-point where way more people are outside that circle than inside.

And with fuel and food prices rising, along with interest rates, that day may be coming very soon. Hell, just look at Biden's approval rating. It's at an all-time low, and the full extent of Hunter Biden's sick crimes haven't even come to light yet.

Or look at the abysmal failure of CNN Plus. Or the steep ratings decline of CNN and MSNBC generally.

No one buys the bullshit anymore. Which is probably why their efforts to censor us are getting even more desperate.

So go ahead. Ban me. Fuck it. I'm happy to be forced onto free speech sites like Rokfin, Rumble, Telegram, and Minds. They're way more fun anyway.

Just get it over with already ban us all. We don't need your fucking blue-check social club. Make your echo chamber nice and cozy. Isolate yourselves. Make yourselves less credible. And keep pretending that a giant tectonic shift is not happening at this very moment.