YouTube is Killing Primo Radical

Last week, on December 23rd, I received a notification from YouTube that a recent interview I had conducted with former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney had been removed from YouTube.

The reason that I was given was that this video violated YouTube's "misinformation" policy regarding questioning the integrity of the 2020 election.

While this policy is itself pretty absurd considering that we just went through over 4 years of the mainstream media questioning the integrity of the 2016 election, the truth is that I did not even violate this policy:

First off, as an interviewer I typically try to ask questions in an objective manner. I pose a question and my guest responds in any way they see fit. Holding me accountable for what a guest says does not make much sense. Extending YouTube's logic, this would mean that in any interview ever conducted, an interviewer must be espousing the beliefs of the interviewee. This is insane -- if for no other reason than the corporate media itself has had guests on their channels questioning the "integrity" of the 2020 election. Are they receiving similar warnings?

Secondly, in this specific instance, I wasn't even asking the question. This was a question, from a patron, asking a former Democratic Congresswoman what she thought about the vote count in Georgia. This would be akin to something like a radio or C-SPAN call-in show where a caller asks a guest a question. Is the host responsible for what a viewer asks a guest?

As such, I submitted an appeal to YouTube explaining why this warning made no sense. Pretty much instantly, I received a notification that my appeal was denied, and that the warning was in place.

Yesterday I put up a video explaining this whole warning issue, as well as laying out other evidence that YouTube has been throttling views to my channel since at least late July.

Then this morning, at 5:16 AM, I received a notification that a different video from nearly four years ago had violated YouTube's "harassment, threats and cyberbullying policy." As such, this video from early 2018 (episode #127) now counted as my first strike -- counting as a strike because the McKinney video had been a warning.

As a result, I currently cannot post on YouTube for one week. If I receive two more strikes within a 90 day period -- and mind you, this could be on any video that I have posted in the past six years that YouTube now randomly digs up -- I will be permanently banned from YouTube.

From my perspective, this seems as though YouTube is now scouring my old content looking for anything that they can use against me to get rid of me. As I mentioned, my channel has clearly had its views throttled over the course of the past several months. It seems as though the strategy has been to slowly muffle my channel and now smother it.

It now seems as though my only recourse will be to pick up the pieces and make it over to Rumble, Rokfin, and/or some other platform as quickly as possible. That said, as I currently have over 29,000 YouTube subscribers, I'm almost guaranteed to lose a bunch of my current audience as I make this transition.

As many of you also know, this comes at a bad time, as I recently left my day job. I was intending for YouTube ad revenue to be one of my main sources of revenue moving forward.

If you are able, please help support me during this time via Patreon. By becoming a patron for only $1 per month (although more is appreciated) you will get access to all of my guests.

I sincerely appreciate the 40 people who have become patrons since just yesterday. This really does help me navigate this time of uncertainty.

All that said, radicals, I know this is just a brief hiccup. We all do need to make a mass, coordinated transition off of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter onto less authoritarian platforms.